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Being a Mentor

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Being a Mentor

Being a Mentor

What does a Mentor do?

  • Assists the mentee to establish realistic career goals and plan how to achieve them
  • Acts as a sounding board when the mentee wants to talk through decisions and ideas
  • Challenges the mentee to face up to opportunities and problems, personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Acts as a gateway to other people and sources of knowledge
  • Seeks opportunities to help the mentee practise and develop key skills for the future
  • Passes on know-how and essential thinking patterns and attitudes that might go with a different role or set of responsibilities
  • Generates workable solutions together in a mutually respectful way
  • Motivates, advises and supports whilst empowering the mentee to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions and development

What makes a good Mentor?

  • Interested and willing to help others
  • Prepared to give time and mental energy to the mentee
  • Challenges assumptions and statements the mentee makes
  • Able to offer a broad perspective and draw appropriately from experience
  • Able to encourage the mentee to take charge of the agenda
  • Able to offer positive and constructive feedback
  • Competent in key mentoring skills:  Coaching, listening and questioning, facilitating and networking
  • Respects confidentiality
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